Private Training

Our Private Training sessions are designed to make you feel at ease with exercise.

You can choose to train by yourself, with a friend or family member - or find a group of friends to join you.

Whichever option you choose, our private atmosphere makes your workouts stress free and comfortable. Perfect for those just starting their health and fitness journey.

You will experience more than just a workout.
We provide everything you need to succeed: regular measurements and testing, accountability, nutrition coaching, motivation & refocus sessions and more.

Whatever your goals are, and whatever your budget, we can personalize an exercise programme to help you achieve meaningful results.

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What Others Are Saying

Alicia Gibson

Sam has helped me immensely with my health and fitness! When I first started with Sam i had been working with other personal trainers and found i was constantly suffering injuries and not getting the results I wanted. Sam has helped my correct my form and i am now able to hit new personal bests and become stronger and more confident. Sam is also amazing at providing advice around nutrition and motivation. He has a wealth of knowledge in regards to this and is always there to answer any questions I may have. I also love being able to catch up with my friend each week who trains with me.  I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who wants to work on their health and fitness in a judge free supportive environment.

I have been working with Sam since late 2012. Sam is patient, kind and always works to your fitness level. As time has gone on and my fitness level has increased Sam has adapted my programme to ensure I am still challenged yet still enjoying the sessions. No workout is ever the same! Sam also keeps your mind focused on achieving your goals. No questions around fitness/health/wellbeing is ever off limits. Thank you Sam for your continued support, challenges and motivation. Thanks Sarah Johnstone.

Sarah O'Hagan
Suz Tillman

I have been going to Sam for a while now and I'm not a gym bunny but wanted to get fit, healthy and lose some weight. With Sam's help and some hard work I've got there. I totally would recommend going to Sam he pushes you hard but knows what you are capable of achieving. I will set some more goals this year and keep going. Once again thanks so much Sam