Our Private Studio in Christchurch has been operating for 10 years, and has helped hundreds of people create healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families.

We specialize in helping everyday people create a healthy lifestyle. You can improve your health and fitness in a quiet, private atmosphere - rather than a busy gym environment.

That makes Ignition Health the perfect place for those new to exercise, or don't want to exercise with lots of people around.

No matter your age, fitness level or location, we can kick-start your journey to better health today - and support you every step of the way.


We have 4 different Classes that run at different times throughout the week.
The class sizes are nice and small, and are a fun way to meet others and work on your strength and fitness.
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Around our Class Timetable we have Private Workouts available.
This can be 1 on 1, with friends or family members.
Whichever option you choose, your private workout will be tailor-made to suit your goals.

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​Sam is an amazing coach and trainer and I am stoked to say I feel the happiest I have ever been with my overall fitness. I first began attending his classes a few months ago with the 4 Week Winter Challenge. Sam was an amazing motivator throughout the challenge and helped me achieve my goals. Over this 4 week challenge I saw huge improvements with my body/fitness and actually really enjoyed working out. I have continued going to Ignition Health after completing the challenge have continued to lose weight and improve my fitness. Sam has helped me create better eating habits and I have learnt so many new things along the way. Thanks heaps Sam for the last couple of months, and many more to come!

Christina Mehrtens
Phillipa Howell

I have been attending the last few months and I am happy to say that I have never felt so supported in a gym before. I completed the 30 Day Fat Blaster Challenge, and now I attend the BurnZone Classes and One on One workouts. I am starting to see results I honestly never thought would happen. Those bits I always thought would be wobbly due to body type etc. are changing. Can't wait to keep seeing my body and health changes on my fitness journey with Ignition Health.

​Hands down one of the best decisions I made was taking the plunge and going to see Sam at Ignition Health. I have been seeing Sam for a few years now and I've come such a long way since starting thanks to him. With his guidance I've gone from having a very week core due to a back injury to being able to do different forms of weight lifting in a safe manner. I'm also the fittest and strongest I've ever been and have lost 11kg in preparation for my wedding. I have a much better perspective on nutrition and I know how to break habits that were holding me back. If you want someone that can help you achieve a better lifestyle, Sam's your man!

Christina Mehrtens
Kim Piercy

Sam is a great mentor and trainer. I have been attending his Classes and One on Ones for over a year now and have got fitter and stronger in both body and mind. Sam not only has a vast knowledge in exercise but also in nutrition. One of the many reasons I keep going back is we are all treated as equals and as a very overweight person I have never felt hopeless or inferior as long as you give it your all. I find Ignition Health to be very affordable and you get a lot more value for money. I highly recommend Sam to be your overall health and fitness trainer.

Sam is amazing. I was freaked out about going to the 30 Day Fat Blaster Challenge at first, then when I was there I learned so much and I loved it. He is is cruizy and works with your strengths and then keeps you working more and more. Thanks heaps Sam for the first few months and many more.

Casey Egan-Beach
Wendy Johnson

I have an immune disorder so 'working out' can cause flareups, so I approached the studio with a lot of worry and concerns. This was soon alleviated when I entered the studio and met Sam. I did not feel judged by him. He did not yell instructions, and proceeded to work me at a comfortable pace to increase my heart rate, but was easy on my joints. He gave me great stretching tips and a half hour session went way too fast.