Our Classes

All of our Classes are perfect for beginners, and can be modified to suit your needs.

We have Circuit, Boxing, Strength and Yoga Classes.

Class numbers are nice and small (5-7 people) meaning that you still get a private, comfortable experience, but with support and friendship from others in the Class.

We chuck some music on, have a bit of a laugh, and support each other to do our best.

What Others Are Saying

Kate Blundell

I have been attending yoga classes at Ignition Health since the start of 2017. In just a few short months I have noticed an increased range of movement in my body, improved my posture, and discovered relaxation techniques to help me unwind at the end of a busy day. Sam is a wonderfully supportive instructor and allows each person to work at their own pace while providing guidance for improvement and advancement.

I have been attending the last few months and I am happy to say that I have never felt so supported in a gym before. I completed the 30 Day Fat Blaster Challenge, and now I attend the BurnZone Classes and One on One workouts. I am starting to see results I honestly never thought would happen. Those bits I always thought would be wobbly due to body type etc. are changing. Can't wait to keep seeing my body and health changes on my fitness journey with Ignition Health.

Phillipa Howell
Sue Hale

I have been going to Sam's Monday BurnZone Circuits for over 3 and a half years. Every session is different and Sam always seems to come up with something I haven't done before. The sessions are always fun and Sam is a supportive and knowledgeable trainer. II have just added on a Dynamic Strength Class and I am loving it. If you want to enjoy your exercise, join a Class with Sam.