If you are wanting to start a health and fitness journey and don’t know where to start, here is a quick summary of your options.

Walking and increasing your daily step count is a good place to start. There are also other low-cost options like swimming and walking groups.

When it comes to gyms, there are no 'good gyms' or 'bad gyms'. There are just gyms that are better suited for some but not for others.

Big Commercial Gyms (Snap, City Fitness etc.)
Are great for people who are self motivated. They are a good place to put your headphones on, zone out, and do your own thing. For any extra help from a Personal Trainer it will cost you around $70-80 per session. 

During peak times you may need to wait for equipment. Your workouts may take longer to complete because you can’t always move on to other exercises, as someone else will jump on your machine you were using.

Membership fees can be low, which means if you don’t turn up, you aren’t really losing anything, which isn't great for accountability.

Gyms With Classes (Council Gyms, YMCA, F45, Crossfit etc)
These are great for people who have a good level of fitness and want to be pushed more than they would push themselves at the gym. The class sizes tend to be high, which suit some people but not others.

Some have bootcamp-style workouts where you are pushed as a group to complete set workouts. Due to the large class numbers, high-risk movements, and a lack of individual supervision, injuries and fatigue are common.

Private Gyms
There are a few private gym options out there that have a good focus on community. Some are bootcamp style which is great for people who liked to be pushed and challenged. Others only offer 1 on 1 personal training which is great if you are doing workouts on your non personal training days.

Ignition Health Private Gym
Here at Ignition Health we help people who are new to exercise (or haven't exercised for while), or don't like the idea of exercising in front of lots of people. We believe that exercise should be fun, and something you look forward to.

We keep our class sizes small (6-7 people), meaning we can support you during every exercise you do. This also means that we can adjust every exercise to suit your current fitness level and capabilities. We also know how to help you progress as you get fitter and stronger.

And we don't just help you improve physically, we also have the expertise to help you with your mental and emotional health, and we can help you improve your eating habits.

We use an app to book classes, which gives you the flexibility to come when you can, but also provides accountability (if you are booked into a class you are more likely to turn up). Your coach can keep you accountability too, which we all need right?

We have a wonderful community of members who love to support one another. Ignition Health is a space of positivity, laughs and an overall fun place to improve all aspects of your health and wellbeing.