Here is a PRO-TIP so that you don't waste your time with fad diets, pills or shakes!

Sit down and identify all of the unhealthy behaviors in your lifestyle that have caused you to put on weight. Gaining weight after all is your body's way of telling you that something within your lifestyle isn't compatible with good overall health.

Unhealthy behaviors can be anything from snacking when you are bored, sad or lonely, through to negative thinking, a lack of self worth or having no support.

I have met many people who have tried all different ways to lose weight, only to end up back at square one after a few months. And this often happens when the method they choose to try and lose weight doesn't address the reasons they put weight on in the first place!

A common example of this is going on a restrictive diet, or even having surgery, to ensure they don't or can't eat too much food. But when we do a food diary together - the  problem wasn't the amount they were eating, in fact some weren't eating enough! Most of the time it was the wrong foods - not the amount.

For some, weight gain may be caused by low mental and emotional health, which leads them to crave foods that are high in sugar and processed. These foods provide a dopamine hit in the brain which makes them feel good - which is a feeling that may be missing in their life. And this dopamine hit can be very addictive, and the cycle of eating high sugar foods continues and repeats.

In this example, the sugar and dopamine creates a sensation of instant gratification. Then when they set out to choose a method to lose weight - they tend to continue this idea of instant gratification and seek a quick fix to their weight problem.
This makes me think of an Albert Einstein's quote, which wasn't exactly intended to explain weight-loss solutions, but it has been echoed throughout health psychology.

Improving your mental and emotional health is just one example of many things you could look at when figuring out why you have put on weight . For some it's overcoming negative thinking, procrastination or bad habits. And for others their behaviors can be linked to low self confidence or low self worth.

Low self confidence and low self worth can lead to self sabotaging behaviors, and often leads to putting other people's needs ahead of their own.

Moral of the story? The only way you will have results that last is to take a really honest look at your thoughts, emotions, behaviors and habits. Then you can start to overcome and reverse the things in your life that have caused you to put on weight, rather than guessing and trying different weight loss methods that don't promote results that last.