Good foods vs bad foods

If you have tried to lose weight in the past and failed, or you have lost weight and put it back on again, then maybe it's time to change the way you view food - to ensure a different outcome?

There is no such thing as good foods and bad foods. There are only foods which fit into your healthy lifestyle (and who you are) and foods which do not fit into your healthy lifestyle.

What we are really talking about here is your relationship with food. How you view the foods you eat, will determine your motivation and drive towards your goals, and make eating healthy part of who you are.

Your body was made to keep you alive (breath, blood circulation, maintain temperature...) and to move (be able to go from one place to another, lift everyday objects etc). And the foods you eat provides the energy to do these two things.

Everything we eat should revolve around you moving regularly and so your body to function properly.

So instead of viewing food as good or bad, view it in relation to the healthy lifestyle you are creating - in particular regular exercise.

With this view, you can start to create a positive relationship with food.

"Today I have an active day at work, and I am also going to do 20-30mins of exercises to help me get strong later in the day".

"So I need to have a breakfast which is going to give me prolonged energy for the day".

"I must make sure I have adequate snacks so that that my energy doesn't go away throughout the day".

"Tonight before my I exercise  I need to have food that is going to help me have a good quality workout".

" I just had a great workout, now I need to make sure I eat foods which are going to help me recover and grow stronger muscles".

"Last night I had a great workout, so today I am going to make sure I have the rights foods to help my body recover, so I can exercise again soon".

The solutions to all of these thoughts, is to have nutritious, real-foods. With this frame of mind, there are no good foods or  bad foods, there are only foods which fit your healthy lifestyle, and help you with quality exercise -  help you work towards your goals in a positive way.

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Sam Hall
Ignition Health

Hi, Sam here from Ignition Health. Our Private Studio in Bishopdale Christchurch provides the perfect environment to improve your health and fitness without joining a gym. We have helped hundreds of people transform their health, through motivation and nutrition coaching, and private training. I love chatting and meeting people so send me a message with any questions you have. And if you have a a goal you have been wanting to achieve, let me guide you every step of the way.