A Bit About Me
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Hi, I'm Sam and for the past 17 years I have been helping beginners start their health and fitness journey.

After working at a big gym for 3 years, I realised that I hated the environment. It was busy, noisy, and the number of people around was really overwhelming - and I had to basically live there to build my PT business, meaning that I wasn't seeing my 10 month old as much as I wanted 😔

So I started an in-home service showing people how easy it can be to get results at home. I loved it so much I quit, and built my first gym which was designed as 'a living room with equipment' to help people feel at ease with exercise. This also meant that I could live a life true to my values - being available for my family and present for my kids milestones and important events 😀

This Kickstarter Challenge and our Sanctuary Programme uses my 20 years of experience, over 20,000 hours coaching over 3000 people, and my Health Psychology Qualifications - to support you as you work towards getting active, healthy and happy.

Sam Hall - Your Health Coach

Here's What Others Are Saying

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Firstly, Does This Sound Like You?

✅ You are a female who wants to lose excess fat, increase energy levels and feel great again

✅ You have tried diets, shakes and online workouts (that say they are for beginners but they really aren't) -  that have all failed you

✅ You're completely over struggling to lose fat and having no energy

✅ You don't have the time to waste hours working out, but want to learn to transform your body without spending your life in the gym or kitchen... 

✅ You're not sure weather to try again, give up, or continue to live in denial about your health

✅ But you are sick of having no energy, having aches and pains and feeling older than you really are


We have worked with thousands of people just like you. We know how you feel BUT we also know how to help you finally get results - especially if you have never done anything like this before!

You too can improve your health, boost your motivation and energy levels, and experience improved mental health and happiness - all from the comfort of your own home.


It has everything you need to get motivated, get moving and transform your eating habits - all from the comfort of you own home.

Our easy to use App supports you to..

✅ Connect with your Coach and others on the challenge.

✅ Follow Beginner Workout Videos and complete mini-challenges to help you create healthy habits.

✅ Track your new healthy habits and earn Challenge Points and Streaks to keep on track and accountable.

✅ Record and customise your Nutrition Plan to take back control of your eating habits..

..and much more!

Here's What Our App Looks Like

When You Join The Challenge You'll Discover..

✅ That you can get results from home, and you don't have to do it alone.

✅ Why most diets, programmes, shakes (and scams) set you up to fail.

Why most meal plans cause “yo-yo dieting” and failure. We’ll show you how easy, enjoyable and delicious it is to nourish your body with good foods that make you feel amazing — giving you long term results.

✅ Safe, beginner exercises with movement videos for you to follow and a Coach to support you every step of the way.

✅ A community of ladies just like you, in an encouraging space where you can motivate each other.

How to have energy levels like you did in your twenties by taking back control of your body and mind — allowing you to live an active life, creating memories with the people you love.

Here's What Others Are Saying

Pam Jones

Ignition Health has made a huge difference in my life. when I started I was 114kg. Struggling to catch my breath. Found climbing stairs difficult and getting down onto and up off my knees near impossible. I have now lost weight in double digits, have energy to burn and a whole lot of new friends/supporters. Sam is an absolute expert at helping you achieve more than you think is possible. Highly recommend Ignition Health over any other diet or health & fitness program.

Neha Paranjape

Sam from Ignition Health was that one person that made my 2017 better. Sam helped me from the very first day I met with his unique perspective on motivation & approach to exercise. Since finishing my Challenge it’s safe to say that if my mum and I don’t exercise for a couple of days now, we actually miss it. Hands down one of the best decisions we made!

Josie Welch

Best thing I have ever done for myself is join here. I am physically and mentally in a much better place. The workouts were modified for me and the support I receive from Sam and the team is exceptional.

Jacqui Scott

Sam really knows his stuff, fitness, nutrition and motivation. He gets to know what you are hoping to achieve, and what your habits are and what's holding you back from your goals. As a middle aged, life long overweight non exerciser, It was a great choice to start from nothing with Sam.  Give it a go and contact Sam. If I can do it you can too.

Kim Piercy

Sam is a great mentor and trainer. I am fitter and stronger both mind and body. Sam not only has a vast knowledge in exercise but also in nutrition.  I highly recommend Sam to be your overall health and fitness trainer.

Christine Mehrtens-Ross

Hands down one of the best decision I made was taking the plunge and going to see Sam. I have come such a long way since starting thanks to him. I'm the fittest and strongest I've ever been and have a much better perspective on nutrition and how to break bad habits that were holding me back from achieving my goals. So if you want someone that can help you achieve a better lifestyle and has good banter Sam's your man!

So How Does This Work?

Now - the Health Kickstarter Challenge is an application only membership.

We do this to ensure that every client who joins our program is a perfect fit, and will not only get great results, but also help support, motivate and uplift others in the program.

If you are accepted to the challenge you'll receive..

✅ Complete Access to our Coaching App. The app is easy to ease and allows us to guide you step by step throughout the entire journey together.

Our Healthy Habit Tracking Programme. We teach you the principles behind a healthy lifestyle focusing on healthy habits. There are lots of great lessons to learn on nutrition, how to release habits that don't serve you anymore, sleep, even delicious recipes to get you excited about flavours. Each week the app will release a new habit to apply that will ensure you keep the weight off.

✅ Weekly 1-1 Coaching Calls - Access to your personal coach right through the challenge. This is where we will dive deep into your weekly results, discuss any challenges, and set your specific goals to help you the upcoming weeks. These calls are incredible powerful and will help you see your goal through!

✅ Customised Exercise Programme. Your coach will put together a customised workout program suited to your body and goals. This will take into account your current ability, exercise preferences, and available workout equipment.

Nutrition Course. Access to our Nutrition Tracking Programme, meal plans, recipes and challenges to keep you motivated.

That’s everything you need to break free from the downward spiral of health — and take back control of your body and mind!

To get started, simply click the “APPLY NOW” button below. When you click the button you’ll be taken to a short and simple application form. Complete the form, then pick a time for a chat with one of our experienced coaches. Your call is confidential and you won’t be pressured into anything.

There’s absolutely no risk in applying. 

Click the button below now.


What is it you do again?
We teach females how to lose weight, and keep it off permanently with our Health Kickstarter Challenge and our Sanctuary Programme

We know that a successful program must be
✅ Effective
✅ Enjoyable
✅ And, provide you with loads of support.

We will help you create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. You’ll lose weight, but more importantly, learn how to keep it off for the rest of your life.

What exactly do you help people with?
✅ Motivation & Mental Health
✅ Nutrition
✅ Motivation
✅ Your mindset
✅ We keep you accountable
✅ Your day to day habits
✅ Ongoing support
✅ Long-term, sustainable results, forever!

Who does this work for?
Ladies who..
✅ Are new to exercise
✅ Would never go to a gym
✅ Are time-poor
✅ Lack motivation & energy
✅ Want to drop body fat once and for all

What are the benefits?
✅ Losing weight
✅ Regaining health
✅ Shaping your body
✅ Having more energy

More Subtle Benefits:
✅ Fit into your favourite clothes (you know, the ones in the back of the closet) that you haven’t worn for years
✅ Feel more comfortable and confident in social situations
✅ Feel a freedom you haven’t felt in years – to go places and do things you no longer thought possible
✅ Feel motivated to change other things about yourself that you had lacked the confidence to attempt before

How do you compare to other programs or services?
Your confidence will increase with every passing day, in every area of your life. As far as we know, no other program or service gives as much education and support as we do.

How do I join?
CLICK HERE to book a call with one of our coaching experts.
It’s a casual chat just to see if we’re the right fit for you.
There’s no risk in chatting to us, and we’ll guide you as best we can during the call — even if we think we’re not the right fit - there’s no charge for the call.

Do you guarantee results?
We do! If you're not happy with your results at the end of the program, we will train you for free FOREVER until you reach your goals. *You just need to complete the challenge show up for your coaching calls & complete your checkin form each week*

It’s virtually impossible to fail if you stick to our methods and follow the advice your highly-experienced coach gives you.
Let's get started...