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This is essential because it will put you in the right state of mind before our call.

Here's What To Expect Next

You've taken the first step towards losing weight, toning your muscles and feeling your best again.

You deserve to feel confident, energized, and in control.

You should have an auto email confirming the time you booked. There have been a couple of tech errors recently, so please check and make sure there are no mistakes with the times 😇

The call will be super relaxed and more so, a chat over a drink a with a good friend.

Please have a think about your past attempts, how things have changed in your body since and what you need in a program to succeed.

If we feel on the same page, and our visions are aligned we can discuss working together.

Please try be in a quiet place without distractions as this is an important conversation about you, your goals and the direction you'd like to take your life (please don't be in the car).

One last thing.. our coaches often take calls outside of their working hours, giving up time with their families, we ask that you respect their time by showing up to your appointment.

Till we speak next ⭐⭐

Important Video

How To Get Meaningful Results That Last

Still Feeling Unsure?

Look, it’s ok, it's normal.

If you're not ready to make a change, you're not ready. The thing is, if you're always not ready, you'll never be ready, you'll always stay the same, and we certainly don't want that 😔.

Rather than cancelling your call, be honest, let us know you've got cold feet. We're here to help and want what's best for you. A simple short conversation could very well be the catalyst for big changes in your life. Our team is super caring and understanding, please be courteous of our time and let us know if you can't make the time you booked 🙌

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