If you lack the get-up-and-go to work towards your goals, and you are fed up with having no energy, and always failing at your weightloss goals, then start your 30 Day Motivator now and make 2019 your best year yet!


Unlimited Classes At Our Private Studio

Motivation KickStarter Workshop

Complementary Workbook

Ongoing Nutrition & Personal Coaching

Chance to win $200 worth of prizes

Limited Time Price: $59

* your results start when you do

Hi, Sam here from Ignition Health. I have over 15 years in the fitness industry, and I know what it takes to help you create life-changing results. And even better, you get to do all this in the relaxed atmosphere of a private studio, with small comfortable class sizes, and personal coaching.

​I can't wait to help you get excited about helping you make 2019 your best year yet!

To Your Success,

Sam Hall


Our signature Motivation KickStarter Workshop is guaranteed to show you how working towards your goals can be easy, stress free and even enjoyable. Gain clarity, focus with an easy to follow plan.

 Unlimited Classes with a Personal Trainer over 30 days so you can feel stronger, fitter and energized. Nice small class sizes creates a comfortable environment for you.

With 4 different classes to choose from, and 20 different times available, from including morning, during the day and evenings.

Using the specific exercises to get toned, fit and in shape - while working within your fitness level.

Nutrition Assessment to help you take control of your eating habits

Chance to win over $200 in bonus prizes

I Also Understand that When
I ACT NOW, I Also Get...

Workbook to help you track your success

The price goes up by 50% soon, don't pay more if you don't have to!

Only 15 spots available

I understand that I get all this for only $59 (usually $197)

*This offer is for non-members / new clients only.
Current members contact me for your own discounted challenge.


Mikaela Abraas

Sam is an amazing coach and trainer and I am stoked to say I feel the happiest I have ever been with my overall fitness. I first began attending his classes a few months ago with the 30 Day Winter Challenge. Sam was an amazing motivator throughout the challenge and helped me achieve my goals. Over this 30 day challenge I saw huge improvements with my body/fitness and actually really enjoyed working out. I have continued going to Ignition Health after completing the challenge have continued to lose weight and improve my fitness. Sam has helped me create better eating habits and I have learnt so many new things along the way. Thanks heaps Sam for the last couple of months, and many more to come!

I have been attending the last few months and am happy to say I have never felt so supported by a gym before.I completed the 30 Day Fat Blaster Challenge and now attending the Burnzone Classes and am starting to see results I honestly never thought would happen. Those bits I always thought would be wobbly due to body type etc. are slowly changing. Can't wait to keep seeing how my body and health changes on my fitness journey with Ignition Health.

Phillipa Howell
Sue Hale

I have been going to Sam's Monday BurnZone Class for over 3 and a half years. Every session is different and Sam always seems to come up with something I haven't done before. The sessions are always fun and Sam is a supportive and knowledgeable trainer. I am now giving the Dynamic Strength Class a go to improve my strength. If you want to enjoy your exercise, join a group session with Sam.

I have been attending Yoga Classes at Ignition Health since the start of 2017.In just a few short months I have noticed an increased range of movement in my body,improved my posture, and discovered relaxation techniques to help unwind at the end of a busy day. Samantha is a wonderful supportive instructor and allows each person to work at their own pace, while providing guidance for improvement and advancement.

Kate Blundell


If the Spring Weight Loss Challenge doesn't show me exactly how to get toned and firm... if it doesn't take me by the hand, step-by-step  and show me how to get results without going to a "gym"... or if it fails to provide nutrition coaching, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!

What Some of Your Training Will Look Like

*This offer is for non-members / new clients only

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